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2005 Texas ARDF Championships

WA6EZV finish
Bob Frey WA6EZV crosses the finish line.

Sunday, October 23, 2005, Bastrop State Park

The first ever Texas ARDF Championships were held on a beautiful and sunny fall day in Bastrop State Park. The event was held in conjunction with the Houston Orienteering Club. Eight competitors participated - seven from Texas, and one from Ohio. Everything worked well except the PicCon timing. All five transmitters were in perfect sequence at 6:20 AM when they were turned on, but by the time the event started, several had drifted into a significant overlap. MOE and MOI overlapped, and MOH and MO5 overlapped. During the three and a half hours or so that competitors were on course, the drifting of the transmit controllers variously improved or degraded the situation. Whether the problem was in the PicCons, in the programming of the PicCons, or in something like battery voltage irregularities must still be investigated.


Class Name Callsign Location Start
M19 Michael Bayern W2CVZ Houston, TX 9:35:00 AM 12:40:12 PM 3:05:12 none
M21 Darrin Lutz KE5CQL Georgetown, TX 9:30:00 AM 12:13:16 PM 2:43:16 MO5
M40 George Fremin III K5TR Johnson City, TX 9:40:00 AM 12:49:14 PM 3:09:14 MOE, MOI, MOS, MOH
M40 Keith Stolle KE5FYG Round Rock, TX 9:45:00 AM 12:36:52 PM 2:51:52 none
M50 Bob Frey WA6EZV Cincinnati, OH 9:35:00 AM 12:08:47 PM 2:37:47 MOE, MOS, MO5
M50 Mike Urich KA5CVH La Porte, TX 9:45:00 AM 11:32:25 AM 1:47:25 MOS
M60 Walter Higgins W5SWA Kingwood, TX 9:30:00 AM 11:52:41 AM 2:22:41 MOE
W21 Jen Harker W5JEN Austin, TX 9:50:00 AM 12:36:26 PM 2:46:26 MOE, MOS, MOH, MO5
Time Limit: three hours

This was the first-ever ARDF meet for most of the competitors. Only Bob Frey WA6EZV and Jen Harker W5JEN had run an ARDF course before. Jen Harker W5JEN was the only competitor to find all of her transmitters and finish on time. Most of the runners used equipment that they had built themselves. The most commonly located transmitters were MOE and MOS.

W2CVZ finish
W5JEN finish
Michael Bayern W2CVZ and his dad Mark Bayern AD5SS.
Jen Harker W5JEN.

Course Lengths

The following are the computed straight-line distances for the routes for each course, choosing the optimal short-distance order in which to find the transmitters. These are all shorter than you would see at a USA or IARU Region II ARDF Championship.

ClassDistanceNumber of
M194.30 kms4
M215.25 kms5
M404.94 kms4
M504.21 kms4
M603.25 kms3
W214.21 kms4
KE5CQL and others at the finish
Mike Urich KA5CVH and Darrin Lutz KE5CQL examine the map and discuss their courses after finishing. In the background is Walter Higgins W5SWA.

KE5FYG finish
K5TR finish
Keith Stolle KE5FYG.
George Fremin III K5TR.


"Despite being new to international ARDF and getting up close and personal with some of the most rugged parts of Bastrop State Park, I had a very nice time. I'm already thinking about the things that I could do different or better and am looking forward to the next local ARDF event." - Walter Higgins W5SWA

"Not knowing what to expect made for an interesting challenge to say the least, but we'll be more prepared the next time. I would love to attend more events and gain a lot more practice." - Darrin Lutz KE5CQL

"All in all, though, fun was had, the weather couldn't have been better, I gained yet more experience in ARDFing, and maybe we got a few more people interested in the sport!" - Jen Harker W5JEN


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