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2008 United States ARDF Championships


The 2008 United States ARDF Championships will use these rules based on the IARU Region I ARDF Rules. Competitors should be familiar with these rules before they arrive at the competition. Some specific notes about this competition:

  • Permanent O map: Bastrop State Park has the orienteering map that we will be using with the locations of a permanent orienteering course marked on it. Competitors are not allowed to examine this map until after the competition is over. Do not ask to look at it, do not buy it, do not try to get someone else to buy it so you can look at it until after the competition is over. Any competitor that does so will be subject to disqualification.
  • Embargo: Bastrop State Park is embargoed for all competitors until the dates of the competition. Competitors may not visit the park so as to gain an unfair advantage with a recent familiarity of the terrain.
  • Time Limit: Unless otherwise specified at the Competitor Meeting or Group Dinner, the time limit for all categories of competition will be three (3) hours.
  • Electronic Punching: The competition will use a SportIdent electronic punch system for all timing and scoring. Paper punches will be available at all controls in case of electronic punch failure.
  • GPS: GPS devices used for navigation will not be permitted on course and their use by a competitor will be subject to disqualification. GPS devices used for route recording that cannot be used for navigation will be permitted. All such GPS devices should be approved by the organizers before competition start.
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